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Plastic-Free 5" Loofah Sponge

Plastic-Free 5" Loofah Sponge

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An amazing gift from Mother Nature, the Loofah gourd dries to reveal a fibrous inner. Once the skin is peeled off and seeds removed, an all-natural, compostable, and extremely durable sponge is revealed. The loofah sponge becomes soft when wet and makes an excellent gentle exfoliator, yet is strong enough to use for cleaning, and will last for upwards of 6 months (or more). When you are done using it as your bath sponge, you can retire it to use for household cleaning. At the end of its life cycle, you may return it to the earth to compost.

Our loofah sponges are organically-grown from heirloom seeds and are processed without chemicals. We use an oxygen brightener to prepare the sponges - not bleach, like many other companies do! Due to these factors, natural variations in color and shape occur.


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