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Herbal Powder Bandage

Herbal Powder Bandage

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Meet Herbal Armor

Herbal Armor is a unique herbal powder that can be used to stop bleeding and form a protective scab on small cuts & nicks in lieu of traditional plastic/latex bandages, making it a natural, eco-friendly alternative.
Herbal Armor is formulated with organic and wild-harvested herbs which have styptic (stops bleeding) and tissue-healing properties, allowing your wounds to heal quickly while simultaneously helping to prevent scarring.
Our formula is safe to use on pets, children, and adults alike. It will not sting when applied and has a pleasant, light floral aroma.



  • Wild-Harvested Heal All Herb: stops bleeding; promotes wound healing by generating new skin cells and tightening tissue, reduces local swelling
  • Organic Yarrow: stops bleeding, prevents infection and reduces local swelling, reduces scarring
  • Organic Plantain: skin soothing and moisturizing, prevents infection, reduces inflammation, promotes wound healing by generating new skin cells and tightening tissue
  • Organic Pink Rose: helps cleanse wound, stops bleeding and promotes blood coagulation, reduces irritation and inflammation, tightens tissue



DISCLAIMER: This product is intended for use on smaller cuts, nicks, and scrapes rather than deep gashes or large wounds. If bleeding persists, elevate the wounded area above the heart, apply pressure, and seek medical attention if necessary.


Wild-Harvested Heal All Herb
Organic Yarrow
Organic Plantain
Organic Pink Rose

How to use

Clean wound and wipe off blood prior to application of Herbal Armor, applying light pressure if necessary. Take a pinch of herbal armor and press onto cut. A second application may be needed. Excess can be dusted or blown off. Herbal Armor will coagulate with your blood to form a natural scab and should be given time to dry fully before exposed to water (scab will remain).

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