Our Story

Nelson & Alison are partners in love, life, and business.
Mohenjo was born out of a combination of Nelson's personal struggle with eczema and Alison's knowledge of herbalism and holistic means of healing.
The Mohenjo brand prioritizes transparency: sourcing the highest quality, organic ingredients, sustainable packaging, and 100% vegan products that are absolutely never tested on animals.


Our most favorite story to tell is the one of how our paths converged. But we’ll save that one for another time. 

Our next favorite story is of the birth of Mohenjo...
Out of a struggle, a beautiful concept was born. When I told the story to a good friend, she stated: “a silver lining means there was grit, perseverance, obstacles, and often times a sacrifice,” - a sentiment which truly reflects the essence of Mohenjo.
During 2020 (a year that was cataclysmic to all of humanity), Nelson powered through a six-month long, intensely painful flare up of his eczema.
One evening, when Nelson was experiencing a particularly difficult time, I decided to grind up some organic rolled oats we had in the pantry and throw them into his salt bath. We had some magnesium flakes on hand as well that Nelson had been using in addition to the salt in his bath.
Now, here’s where the magic happened:
I remembered I had some organic dried calendula flower on hand that was leftover from a batch of calendula-infused jojoba oil I had made for Nelson to help soothe his skin. I had learned that Calendula promotes wound healing when I was studying Chinese Medicine, so I took some of the loose herb, put it in a nut milk bag from the kitchen (so it wouldn’t clog the drain), and placed it in his tub. The calendula gently infused into his bath, and along with the ground oats, added a subtle milky golden hue to the water.

It . was . beautiful !!!

More importantly, Nelson started to feel some instant relief for his inflamed, itchy skin. We realized in that moment that we could share this beautiful bath tea with others.

Throughout our personal health journeys, Nelson and I have each become acutely aware of the importance of ensuring that we always feed our bodies with the highest quality and the most pure ingredients possible - in our food choices and our body care products alike. That is why we made sure to source the highest quality ingredients for our products - nothing less than we would use ourselves. In our bath tea products you will find only organic herbs and certified gluten free & organic colloidal oatmeal. Additionally, the ingredients we use in our herbal bath teas work synergistically together - that is, each ingredient supports and enhances the benefits of the other ingredients.
For a couple months, these calendula baths provided tremendous relief for Nelson until his flare-up subsided, once we addressed the root detox issues at hand. There was a time when he would take a daily calendula bath every morning so that he could show up to work without suffering. Since it was such a deeply personal experience, I’ll let Nelson provide more details and tell his version of this story in a separate blog post.
Ultimately, we realized that taking a bath can be a deeply healing and intimate experience. More importantly, we understood that everyone needs that experience more than ever right now. We hope to share a small piece of this spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing with you through our organic herbal bath tea blends.
Let’s take a bath!