Bath Tea - How To Use?



    Step 1: Run bath with steaming hot water.

    Mohenjo Bath Tea - Step 1

    Step 2: Cut across the top of the package. Remove Tea Bag and place over mouth of the package.

    Mohenjo Bath Tea Step 2

    Mohenjo Bath Tea - Step 2.5

    Step 3: Flip upside down to empty entire contents of package into Tea Bag and pull string to tightly shut. Tie loop knot to keep contents in bag.

    Mohenjo Bath Tea - Step 3

    Mohenjo Bath Tea - Step 3.5

    Mohenjo Bath Tea - Step 3.75

    Step 4: Allow the bag to steep while the tub fills and cools to your desired temperature (leave it in for the whole bath).

    Mohenjo Bath Tea - Step 4

    Step 5: Soak yourself for 20-25 mins. Enjoy your bath! ❤

    We recommend a quick rinse after you are done.

    Mohenjo Bath Tea - Step 5

    CAUTION: Water will be hot. Allow to cool to an acceptable temperature before getting into the bath.


      • Prepare some ice cold drinking water to cool you down if you get overheated in the bath.
      • Use very hot water to start so that the tea bag can steep properly. Similar to steeping tea to drink.
      • Flip cotton bag & use inside out for easier cleaning post-bath!
      • Dunk and gently squeeze the bag to further steep it's contents into the tub.
      • Once base ingredients have dissolved and only herb remains, you can use the bath tea bag as a compress or for gentle exfoliation.
      • Compost your remaining used herbal blend post-bath, or simply return to the Earth by emptying your bath tea bag outside in your yard.
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