Q: Are your products safe to use if I have gluten intolerance/celiac disease?
A: We use colloidal oatmeal that is certified gluten free and organic in our bath teas. At the moment, we are not using a gluten free facility for production, so please use your discretion before using our products if you have severe celiac disease.
Q: How do I use this product?
A: Check out our How To Use page for detailed instructions for use and additional tips.
Q: Is each bag enough product for one bath or more than one bath?
A: Each Mohenjo Bath Tea is for use in a single bath.
Q: How hot should my water be?
A: In order to make the most of your Bath Tea, you should use steaming hot water to first allow the bath tea to steep, and the water temperature to lower to your desired warmth before getting in. If you have very sensitive skin, please allow the bathwater to cool for at least 10 minutes before getting in.
Q: How long do I need to stay in the bath?
A: You can remain in the bath for however long feels right for you. Typically, we soak for about 20-25 minutes.
Q: Do I need to shower to rinse off after my bath?
A: Yes, we do recommend a quick rinse in the shower following a Mohenjo bath.
Q: Why don't you use essential oils in your products?
A: While we are not against the use of essential oils, we choose not to use them in our products for a few reasons. We prioritize sustainability and using ingredients that are in their most natural state, which is why we choose to use whole-herb plant parts. Essential oils are generally less sustainable, as a larger quantity of plant parts must be used in order to make a small amount of very concentrated essential oil out of an herb. It can also be challenging to source very high-quality, organic essential oils. Our bath teas are formulated with people who have sensitive skin in mind, and essential oils tend to be more harsh on the skin. Lastly, we are quite fond of the subtle and delicate aromatherapy provided by our herbal blends - our products are not intended to mimic the powerfully-scented (usually synthetic) fragrances that other bath products may offer. Additionally, these are among the reasons we do not add any artificial coloring to our bath teas. We believe that the closer to nature, the higher the benefit to everyone and everything!
Q: How do I clean my cotton steeping bag for re-use?
A: It is best to clean your reusable cotton steeping bag as soon as possible after use. To empty the bag, untie the drawstring and flip the bag inside out. Bonus: you can empty the remaining herb into your compost or straight into your yard to give it back to the Earth. Next, rinse the bag under lukewarm water (to remove any herbal remnants). To sanitize the bag, place in boiling water for 10 minutes.
NOTE: boiling the bag immediately after use will help prevent discoloration of the bag.