About Us

Mohenjo is a small family owned and operated business in Austin, TX run by two perfectionists hoping to change the landscape of the bath and bodycare industry. 

We always had trouble finding clean and natural products that met our high standards. Nelson's lifelong struggle with eczema led him through many ineffective allopathic treatments, steering him in the direction of a holistic approach. Time and time again, we discovered dishonest marketing and branding schemes on products that included artificial, toxic, and unnecessary ingredients detrimental to our optimal health. The obvious solution was to create these products ourselves.

Mohenjo was born from our desire for honest and clean products that elevate human health. We create these products to provide a choice for others seeking the same values in a company and quality in products they use. We aim to gain your trust, not the contents of your wallet. Our products are born from personal healing experiences and we desire the same for you.

Based on our journey, we realized that taking a bath can be a deeply healing and intimate experience. More importantly, we understood that everyone needs that experience more than ever right now. We hope to share a small piece of this spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing with you through our organic herbal bath tea blends.

Our bodycare products are formulated with the utmost care for your skin and with as many local products as we can source. We are uncompromising when it comes to using raw and organic ingredients because everything that goes on your skin is absorbed into your body.

Join the Nontoxic Living movement by choosing us!


Nelson comes from a creative and technical background, working in the tech industry for a decade. He has experience in engineering, digital media, event production, sales, marketing and is adept at leading teams. In 2020, he suffered a severe vaccine injury from the flu and DTAP shots which caused inflammation, pain and eczema throughout his entire body that persisted for over 6 months. After personally experiencing the benefits of Bath Tea that helped provide relief for his pain and eczema, he hopes to advocate for the natural holistic lifestyle as an option to the allopathic approach of the medical industry. He believes that a higher power has already provided solutions to all ailments in natural form found on this earth. In 2021, he left his full-time employment to take Mohenjo to the next level.

Alison has a varied background in holistic living. In 2013, she walked El Camino de Santiago - a pilgrimage across Spain - solo, and returned home to complete a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Both of these events kick-started her spiritual awakening. When she went vegan 8+ years ago, she began learning about nutrition and living a more natural lifestyle - eating organic foods and making more non-toxic choices in her purchases. Shortly thereafter, she completed Reiki training through the Master level. After moving to Austin, TX in 2015, she acquired training in the grocery industry in the Wellness department of a local co-op. There she learned about vitamins and supplements, natural bodycare, and herbal medicine. In January of 2020, she began studying Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, but the program went virtual months later due to the plandemic. After a few semesters she decided to drop out of the program, and just a couple months later, Mohenjo was born.

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