Healing Powers of a Bath: Langford Hot Springs

Healing Powers of a Bath: Langford Hot Springs

Writing & Photography by Nelson Mak, Co-founder of Mohenjo


On the last weekend of April, my wife and I traveled to Big Bend National Park in Texas for my birthday celebration. We had only heard of the wonders of camping in such a remote area and were eager to experience it. A large expansive desert greeted us as the hot and dry climate encouraged frequent sips of water. I never guessed that I would discover more parallels & synchronicities for our business.


With only 3 days, we hoped to make the most of it by exploring Big Bend Park. Our interest was instantly piqued when we found a landmark titled Hot Springs. A dip in the water in 100 degree weather sounded enticing, so we made it a point to visit.



A short drive on a dirt road took us to a trailhead with a few palm trees and some old run down buildings. As we hiked the trail, we took heed of a few signs conveying the history of the location and the existence of an old spa. We were astonished to learn about the healing powers of the Hot Springs and a man named J. O. Langford who recognized the value of the Hot Springs. He had been healed by the waters, which inspired him to build the old spa & bathhouse.


J. O. Langford had contracted Malaria during his childhood which caused pain and sickness throughout his life. During his travels to Alpine, TX in 1901, J. O. Langford overheard a discussion on the miraculous healing powers of a hot springs located in the nearby area. Without a visit, he immediately purchased the land surrounding the area and set off to his new home two weeks later with his young daughter and pregnant wife. His priority was to regain his health. He regained his health and vitality after soaking and drinking the water emerging from the Hot Springs for 21 days.



After his experience, he set up a business and developed his land into a desert health resort with a limestone bathhouse. He even built a separate tub with a pump for people who had “social disease” which I interpret to mean diseases like leprosy and etc.


It brings me joy and inspiration to learn about other healing experiences involving bath soaks and bath therapy because it reminds me of my struggle with eczema and my healing process in 2020. Soaking in our bath tea for a similar time (21 days) helped soothe and heal my inflamed skin. This experience gave birth to our Bath Tea products and the Mohenjo company as Alison and I sought to bring the knowledge and healing to as many people as possible.


I’m confident that J. O. Langford would have approved of our efforts and potentially even sold our products at his resort.







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