Benefits of Herbal Baths

Benefits of Herbal Baths

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Dr. Nicole Finkelstein

Dr. Nicole Finkelstein, DOM, LAc, RH
Herban Austin

Did you know that just as your vitamins and supplements are formulated for your health, a botanical soaking blend can also be formulated to address specific needs and achievable health goals?

A truly transformative experience that can reshape your perspective, your emotional well-being, and your physique can be as easy to obtain as sinking into a steaming herbal bath. While herbal bath blends are on the forefront of wellness in many Eastern and European countries, hydrotherapy has been used for centuries across cultures to heal the body and rejuvenate the mind. With these time-tested bathing rituals in mind, Mohenjo has harnessed the power of herbal bath blends to deliver a transformative experience on every level of being. 


A well-formulated herbal bath can initiate the healing process almost instantaneously through the power of therapeutic aromas and transdermal absorption. Your skin is the largest organ of the body, capable of regulating temperature, protecting viscera and musculature, all while playing a vital role in your immunity and ability to fight infection and disease. So often our skin is overlooked and neglected. One of the most effective ways to nourish your epidermis is through medicinal soaking, which can deliver vital nutrients and moisture to your entire self. 

Everything that touches our skin, from lotion to perfume to bug spray, is absorbed directly into our bodies through our pores. This directly impacts our muscles, our hormones, our neurotransmitters, and our blood chemistry! Mohenjo only utilizes pure and sustainable ingredients in each of their three essential bath tea blends: The Blue Dream, The Awakening, and The Gold Standard. You can see through the beautifully crafted layers of medicinal herbs, Himalayan pink salt, organic gluten-free colloidal oatmeal, and ancient Zechstein seabed magnesium flakes, that each herbal bath is blended with intention to enhance full-body healing. 


While herbal baths have the ability to deliver trace minerals to the weary musculature of our bodies and soothe angry skin inflammation, they also possess the ability to alter our state of mind by acting on our Central Nervous System (CNS). Our CNS consists of two separate systems that control our perception of the world around us as well as our responses to stimuli. The parasympathetic nervous system (PNS - the calm, cool, and collected system) and the sympathetic nervous system (SNS - the “I’m being chased by a bear and I’m running for my life!” part of our CNS), determines our health and happiness at any given moment. The intensity of modern life has a way of consistently throwing our CNS from the chill state of PNS to the fight-or-flight frenzy of the SNS. Like magic, herbal baths allow a sense of calm to wash over us - gently guiding our body and mind to a balanced state of homeostasis. 

Each herb in the Mohenjo blends holds medicinal properties that can help to holistically heal even the most frazzled among us. While some botanicals require involved processes to extract medicinal properties from their cells, much of the plant medicine used in Mohenjo’s blends are water soluble and their therapeutic properties are released through the power of water. Through the simple act of bathing, your body readily absorbs the natural chemical constituents that promote positive change. 

A deep-dive into the herbal ingredients found within Mohenjo’s Blue Dream bath blend reveals three botanicals that work synergistically with one another to promote a deep sense of relaxation. The red rose petals within the herbal bath directly affect and soothe the heart chakra through their high-vibrational properties. Roses have been shown to possess notable anti-stress benefits [1], while also containing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal abilities which can aid in our body’s ability to fight-off pathogens [2]. Another key ingredient in The Blue Dream blend is lavender, which delivers serene aromatherapy benefits while simultaneously soothing tissue inflammation [3]. While both rose and lavender provide powerful plant medicine, the star of The Blue Dream bath blend is butterfly pea flower, which creates an enchanting blue hue in the bathwater. This show-stopper directly benefits the health of your skin and hair, while studies show it can possibly prevent signs of premature aging through flavonoids found within the blooms. Specifically, butterfly pea flowers contain the bioflavonoid proanthrocyanidin, which encourages the natural production of collagen and elastin [4].

Self-care is essential to happiness. The best way to simultaneously treat your body, spirit, and mind is through the holistic healing properties of an herbal bath crafted by Mohenjo. 



2.) Shohayeb, Mohamed & Saleh, El-Sayed & Bazaid, S.A. & Maghrabi, Ibrahim. (2014). Antibacterial and antifungal activity of Rosa damascena MILL. essential oil, different extracts of rose petals. Global Journal of Pharmacology. 8. 1-7. 10.5829/idosi.gjp.2014.8.1.81275. 



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